how it works

The Kappa Infracstructure

  • Box

    The kappaBox is a WiFi-N router capable of communicating with Zigbee devices. It serves as a gateway to connect all devices to the internet. KappaBox is running on Linux.

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  • API

    The kappaSDK is the main tool used to build server-side applications that run inside the kappaBox. It is shipped with a cross-compiler and all the neccessary APIs for you to make use of the on-board zigbee module.

  • Cloud

    Deploy your client-side WebApp effortlessly with kappaCloud! Just like any other widget development, just write your code in HTML/CSS/Javascript. Once being installed into the kappaBox, you can play with your widget from anywhere via our kappaCloud, simple? The kappaCloud brings you the full control on anything that is connected to the kappaBox.